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How Are You Going to Spend This Independence Day?

How Are You Going to Spend This Independence Day?

As the weeks fly by, the team at The Alcove is reminded of how quickly holidays and special occasions come and go. Summer will be here before we know it, and no holiday is more synonymous with summer than the Fourth of July. We would like to take a moment to highlight the importance of this American holiday and to suggest a few ways to celebrate this Independence Day.

A Bit of History, A Lasting Tradition

This year will be the nation's 241st Independence Day. We celebrate the Fourth of July because that is the date back in fateful 1776 when the Continental Congress completed the Declaration of Independence, declaring the American colonies as free and sovereign states. The document was a group effort; Thomas Jefferson penned the majority of the content, but many others made changes over a two-day period before the document was complete. Interestingly, the Fourth of July was not declared a national holiday until nearly one hundred years after the Declaration of Independence was signed. 

Early Independence Day Celebrations

The Fourth of July was first celebrated in a slightly more morbid day, with mock funerals for King George III. Those displays were intended to symbolize the end of the era of British control, and the beginning of a new life defined by liberty. Public readings of the Declaration of Independence were held, and cannons and muskets were fired to symbolize the warfare that brought about our nation's freedom. Over time, concerts, parades and bonfires became part of the festivities. 

In cities and towns across the nation, picnics, parades and outdoor activities are held on the Fourth of July.

Modern Fourth of July Celebrations

Independence Day continues to be an American tradition that is dear to many families and communities. Celebrations often include a spectacular fireworks display, which has replaced cannon and musket fire as a loud tribute to the tolls of freedom. In cities and towns across the nation, picnics, parades and outdoor activities are held on the Fourth of July. Many families have established their own traditions, which children are proud to pass on to their own families as they grow older and take on new responsibilities. 

Independence Day in and Around Mount Vernon

There are many different ways to celebrate the Fourth of July in Mount Vernon. Thousands will attend the fireworks celebration held at the Schnormeier Event Center, with the Central Ohio Brass Band providing accompaniment. Food and beverage vendors will be on hand throughout the day. The festivities start at 4 PM and end with the fireworks at 10 PM. Fredericktown Community Park will also host a day of games, food and music, with fireworks to follow. Nearby Gambier will host a parade, with a picnic in the park as well. A number of smaller celebrations will also take place around town, making this a great time to get out and meet your neighbors and community members. 

At The Alcove Restaurant & Lounge, we understand the importance of tradition and the joys of celebrating holidays with friends and family. We look forward to your next visit, and the opportunity to share our love of good food and close bonds, all in our historic location.